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Do you have dead palm trees that you would like removed from your property? Whether your palm trees died in a freeze, from disease, or damage from a pest infestation you can count on us for all of your palm tree removal services in Katy, Fulshear, or Hockley, Texas. Cody’s Tree Service also provides comprehensive palm tree maintenance services for the palms you want to keep. Call (281) 391-3450 or contact us online to schedule a dead palm tree removal quote.

Palm Tree Removal Services

dead palm tree removal after freeze damage

Our licensed arborists remove palm trees safely and professionally, and we make sure to clean up after ourselves when we’re finished so you’re not left with a huge mess in your yard or on your property. If the head of the palm tree was cut off by someone who didn’t know it would kill it, remove the palm tree stump before it becomes hazardous. Our palm removal services include but are not limited to:

  • Remove Dead Palm Trees
  • Tall Overgrown Palm Tree Takedown
  • Palm Tree Removal & Replacement
  • Palm Tree Transplanting
  • Moving Palm Trees
  • Palm Tree Re-Planting
  • Palm Tree Stump Removal

Why Remove Dead Palm Trees?

The top three reasons to remove dead palm trees are they pose a fire hazard, and their branches can injure people when they fall or become projectile objects during periods of high wind.

  1. Serious Fire Hazard. Dead palm trees have dry fronds and trunks that are similar in texture and flammability to fire kindling, posing a serious fire hazard near homes, businesses, schools, fields, or other trees. When dead palm trees catch fire their trunks explode, sending plumes of burning embers to nearby homes, trees, and other structures.
  2. Injury Risk from Falling Palm Branches. Palm trees that died from freezing temperatures or improper pruning pose a risk of injury to people walking near or under them. Large fronds falling from very tall palm trees fall with a higher impact and can inflict more serious injuries on people, pets, and property.
  3. Debris Wind Damage. During periods of high wind palm tree branches, fronds, and leaves can become airborne, hurling through the air as a projectile object. When uprooted palm tree trunks or fallen fronds become airborne they can potentially damage property, homes, break windows, and seriously injure people and animals.


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Contact us online or call (281) 391-3450 to request a free quote for palm tree removal services. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured providing safe tree takedown services locally for 25 years.

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