Local Firewood for Sale in Katy, Texas

Ask about our locally sourced firewood to stoke your fireplace.

Need firewood? Call Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. today to see how we can help fulfill your firewood needs. We have local hardwood tree wood for sale in Katy, TX. We use the live oak and water oak trees we remove from properties across the area and use as firewood. This includes the large oak branches, why trash it when you can repurpose this precious wood? For just $180 per cord, you can have high quality, locally harvested hardwood logs to heat your home or office.

Call 281-391-3450 now to learn about our firewood for sale.

Buy local firewood

Cody’s Tree Service is a trusted firewood dealer in Katy, TX. Get in touch with us today to place an order.

You should choose our firewood because:

It’s obtained from local trees

Safe to use in your home or office


Quality firewood

For more details about our firewood for sale in Katy, TX, contact Cody’s Tree Service today.
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