Tree Stump Grinding & Stump Removal Katy & Fulshear TX


Want to get rid of unsightly tree stumps and have them ground in our wood chipper? Reach out to Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. to request a quote for stump grinding or stump removal. Send us an email or call (281) 391-3450 today. We provide high-quality stump grinding and surface root grinding services in Katy, Fulshear, and Pattison, Texas. Whether you need help with a single stump or there are dead tree stumps and roots on your property or yard, you can trust our experienced tree specialists to do the job right. We’ll have your stumps removed and the wood chipped down in no time.

Stump Grinding and Above Ground Root Grinding Katy Fulshear

Root & Stump Grinding Services

  • Tree stump grinding
  • Tree root grinding
  • Tree stump removal
  • Surface root removal

Stump Grinding Questions Answered

Why grind a tree stump down instead of just pulling it out? 

Grinding a tree down is much less damaging to surrounding trees and landscaping than pulling a tree out from the ground.

Is it better to remove a dead tree that’s already been cut down or shred the remaining stump with a wood chipper?

If the upper part of the dead tree has already been removed and the roots are already uplifted it would probably be simpler to extract the tree manually with a winch instead of grinding it into a dry tinder mess. If the tree is still moist and strong it would likely be better to grind the stump down into mulch for removal.  Every tree stump and situation is different so it’s important to make the call of whether to pull it out or grind it based on those specifications.

How far below ground level should a tree stump’s roots be chipped?

The maximum depth a tree stump and its roots should be ground is 6 feet below the surrounding surface soil. Any deeper than that is excessive and puts plumbing pipes, gas lines, and electrical lines at risk. It also puts landscaping, pools, decks, patios, and other non-biodegradable materials at risk. In rare cases, deeper stump grinding may be necessary at a higher cost.

Does grinding surface tree roots hurt trees?

Surface roots account for a very small fraction of a tree’s root system so grinding troublesome surface roots does not cause any harm to healthy trees. If a tree is already sick, diseased, or infested we would probably recommend a deep root feeding to nourish the tree at the time of the surface root grinding to prevent any adverse effects. Grinding surface roots actually prevents damage to utility lines, pipes, and electrical lines underground. It also prevents sidewalk, patio, and pool damage from roots lifting and cracking the concrete.

Call us at 281-391-3450 or email us online now to speak with a fully licensed, bonded, and insured stump grinding specialist.

We Make Stump Removal Look Easy

When you need tree stump grinding root grinding in Katy, TX, make Cody’s Tree Service your top choice. We can easily remove stumps of all sizes. Homeowners across the area choose our stump grinding service because:

We’ll work around your schedule to remove tree stumps and troublesome surface roots to prevent a trip hazard

We’re bonded and insured, plus we subscribe to workers’ compensation to minimize any liability risk to our customers

We use specialized stump grinder tools to remove stumps below ground level safely and effectively

We have financing available for large jobs over $500 and it’s fast and easy to get approval online

Commercial Wood Chipping & Grinding Equipment

We use a commercial wood chipper to grind unsightly stumps, branches, and limbs into mulch on-site, so you don’t have to pay extra for it after a tree is removed or cut down to clear the land like you would if you hired the other guys. Professional tree stump grinding, root grinding, and stump removal services in Katy, Fulshear, and Hockley TX.

To request stump chipping service for one or many chopped down trees contact Cody’s Tree Service online today or call (281) 391-3450.


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