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Want to get rid of unsightly tree stumps and have them ground in our wood chipper? Reach out to Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. to request a quote for stump grinding or stump removal. Send us an email or call (281) 391-3450 today. We provide high-quality stump removal and removal services in Katy, Fulshear, and Pattison, Texas. Whether you need help getting rid of a single stump or there are multiple dead tree stumps on your property or yard, you can trust our experienced tree specialists to do the job right. We’ll have your stumps removed and the wood ground down in no time.

Stump Grinding and stump removal Katy Fulshear

Stump Grinding & Removal Services

  • Stump chipping
  • Tree stump and root ball excavation
  • Tree stump removal
  • Dead tree extraction
  • Excavating Stumps
  • Winching/pulling stumps from the ground
  • Removing pest infested stumps

Stump Grinding vs. Excavation vs. Chemical Dissolver

Stump grinding is typically the fastest, safest way to remove a tree that has been cut down or topped. Grinding stumps on-site with a stump grinder is typically an Arborist’s preferred method when compared with alternatives like excavating with a digger, using chemical wood dissolvers, or pulling them out with a winch. This is because specialized machinery can carefully and safely chip several feet below ground, turning any remaining tree trunk, stump and root ball into mulch.

Furthermore, excavating tree stumps is overkill and may damage underground utility lines, plumbing, water, and sewer lines. A digger may also harm surrounding structures, trees, and plants.

Pulling out stumps is tricky because you have to anchor it from below the root ball, but in some cases (like removing dead palm trees) it is the preferred method because the roots are so shallow. The presence of liquid stump dissolver poses a danger for people, wildlife, and groundwater that come into contact with it. That’s why 9 times out of 10 best way to remove a stump is with a stump grinder.

Stump Removal Methods

We use various methods to remove dead tree stumps for customers including on-site removal with our commercial root grinders, excavating the tree root ball and pulling it out manually, or (rarely) using chemical tree dissolvers to hasten the degradation of the stump.

Sometimes if a tree has been dead for a long time and the stump and root system are dry it is best to pull it out using a winch because if we use the grinder, it chips the wood into a fine powder that can pose a fire hazard. However, our team will assess other factors and depending on the size of the tree and root system develop a custom plan of action for the best outcome.

Stump Grinding & Removal Questions Answered

Why grind a tree stump down instead of just pulling it out? 

Grinding a tree down is much less damaging to surrounding trees and landscaping than pulling a tree out from the ground and it’s an eco-friendly alternative to sending organic tree matter to a landfill. Additionally, chipped wood can be used in composting or aged to create rich gardening mulch.stump grinder chipping a tree stump

Is it better to remove a dead tree that’s already been cut down or shred the remaining stump with a wood chipper?

If the upper part of the dead tree has already been removed and the roots are already uplifted it would probably be simpler to extract the tree manually with a winch instead of grinding it into a dry tinder mess. If the tree is still moist and strong it would likely be better to grind the stump down into mulch for removal.  Every tree stump and situation is different so it’s important to make the call of whether to pull it out or grind it based on those specifications.

How much does stump removal cost?

The cost to remove a tree stump in your yard ranges between $450 and $1000. The stump’s diameter in inches, species of tree, and its health are all factors in determining the cost to remove it. For larger oak trees with extensive or invasive roots the price can easily climb toward the $1000 mark.

Is it cheaper to remove a tree stump or grind it down?

Grinding tree roots down with a grinder is a much more affordable option in most cases because less labor is required. The process of anchoring the subsurface portion of a tree to remove it with a winch or crane can take many hours and more manpower than simply grinding the stump down on-site. While it takes less time and effort to shred it down, the resulting hole in your yard could be as deep as 6 feet. That’s why we always recommend that homeowners also have our crews fill in the hole with soil or fill dirt for safety.

Call us at 281-391-3450 or email us online now to speak with a fully licensed, bonded, and insured stump grinding specialist.

We Make Stump Removal Look Easy

When you need tree stump grinding in Katy, TX, make Cody’s Tree Service your top choice. We can easily remove a stump or several of varying sizes with our commercial stump grinder and fill the holes after. Homeowners across the area trust our professional stump removal services because:

We’ll work around your schedule to remove tree stumps and troublesome surface roots to prevent a trip hazard

Beyond the required minimum tree service company liability insurance we subscribe to workers’ compensation to minimize any liability risk to our customers

We don’t charge our customers extra to haul away debris and limbs at an additional cost like the other guys

Our team of tree professionals have over 10 years of experience grinding stumps, removing stumps, and surface roots

We use specialized stump grinder tools to remove stumps below ground level safely and effectively

We use specialized stump grinder tools to remove stumps below ground level safely and effectively

We are licensed, bonded, insured, and carry workers’ compensation and general liability coverage for your protection

We offer fast, easy financing options for jobs over $500

Commercial Wood Chipping & Grinding

We use a commercial root grinder, aka wood chipper to grind unsightly stumps, branches, and limbs into mulch on-site. We won’t make you pay extra to haul away the debris after cutting down a tree or pulverizing a nuisance stump like the other guys. We’ll even fill in the hole upon request so that you don’t have a deep hole in your yard posing a safety risk to your family, children, and pets. We provide professional surface root grinding and tree stump removal services across the greater West Houston area including Katy, Fulshear, East Bernard, Pattison, and Hockley TX.

To request stump chipping service for one or many chopped down trees contact Cody’s Tree Service online today or call (281) 391-3450.

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