Do You Need a Tree Cut Down?

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Removing trees from your yard has never been easier thanks to Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. We’re a trusted tree removal company in Katy, TX. There is no tree too big for us to take down. You can rely on our crew to keep your home and property safe from the threat of falling trees.

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Trust us to remove your trees safely

If you’re concerned about a dangerous tree in your yard, call Cody’s Tree Service today. We offer unbeatable commercial and residential tree removal service in Katy, TX and the surrounding area. We should be the top choice for your tree removal needs because we’ll:
Conduct a detailed inspection of your trees
Provide you with a free estimate on our tree removal service
Use specialized equipment to remove your tree safely
Want to save your trees? We’ll work with you to nurse diseased or damaged trees back to health, if possible.

To learn more about our tree removal service, contact Cody’s Tree Service today.

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