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Cody’s Tree Service provides professional tree removal services in Katy, Fulshear, Brookshire, Cypress, and West Houston, Texas. Our safe tree take down services help clear land and prevent dangerous falling branches at homes and businesses. We are bonded and insured, and we carry workers’ compensation to protect our customers and tree service technicians from injury liability. We also carry general liability insurance to further protect our customers’ property.

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Commercial & Residential Tree Removal Services

  • Remove Dead Trees
  • Commercial Tree Cut Down & Haul Away Service
  • Residential Tree Cut Down Service
  • Safe Tree Take Down Service
  • Take Down Damaged Trees
  • Cut Down Sick Trees Down
  • Remove Uprooted Tree
  • Remove Lightning Damaged Trees

Removing trees from your yard has never been easier thanks to Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. We’re licensed, insured, bonded, carry worker’s compensation coverage, and offer low interest financing for jobs over $500. That’s why we’re the best company to remove unwanted trees from your yard, business, or property in Katy, TX. There is no tree too big for us to take down. You can rely on our crew to keep your home and property safe from the threat of falling trees.

safe tree cut down and removal katy fulshear

Safe, Insured Tree Removal Company

Our land clearing service includes removing trees, brush removal, and underbrush removal to prepare property for development or landscaping. Whether you want to create a beautiful garden or build a home, our experienced land clearing professionals can help. We’ll even remove all of the trees and brush then recycle it by chopping it to use as firewood or grinding it into mulch with our tree grinders.

If you’re concerned about a dangerous tree in your yard, call Cody’s Tree Service today. We offer unbeatable commercial and residential tree extraction service in Katy, TX and the surrounding area. We should be your top choice for any of your tree removal needs. Here’s why.

Conduct a detailed inspection of your trees and determine if any need to be get cut down

Provide you with a free estimate to remove a tree from your property

Use specialized equipment to remove even large oak trees safely

Removing Dangerous Trees Safely & Efficiently

We remove dead trees from homes, but also businesses, community parks, and amenities too. If there is a dangerous tree on your property posing a risk to your home, your safety, or nearby pedestrians’ safety contact us to schedule emergency tree service. An uprooted tree or dry, dead tree is extremely unsafe and should be removed as soon as possible. We also cut down trees for road expansion, sidewalk installation, and trees infected with oak wilt and root rot before it spreads to other area oak trees. If you’re worried about tree roots cracking your driveway or foundation there’s a better solution than cutting down the tree; we can install a barrier for root encroachment protection.

Tree Clearing & Removal

Don’t want to save your trees? Our tree doctors know how to nurse diseased or damaged trees back to health, but if you’re ready to have one cut down we are the most experienced arborists in Katy who can remove the tree safely and either turn it into firewood or dispose of it for you. We are licensed, bonded, and insured; so you can trust us to remove the tree efficiently while maintaining a safe work site for your family.

How Much Does it Cost to Cut Down a Tree?

The cost to cut down a tree varies tremendously depending on a few factors that we’ll go a little more into detail about below, but you can expect to pay a minimum of $500 to remove and haul away a mature tree. The tree species, how large the trunk and canopy are, and whether it has a contagious disease and requires on-site removal and burning all play a large part in determining the price. The equipment needed to cut down the tree and and number of employees needed to complete the job are also an important factor. safe tree cut down and log removal katy fulshear

What are the Most Common Reasons to Remove a Tree?

There are many reasons to cut down or remove a tree, including for safety reasons, disease, proximity to structures, or sun obstruction. The following are some of the most common reasons customers contact us to remove trees: disease, dead trees, oak wilt, root uplift, storm damage, tree failure, too close to home or garage, dangerous tree limbs, redesigning landscaping, pool installation, too much shade, tree obstructing a view, cracks in the trunk, interior decay, termite infestation, and poorly planned tree placement.

reasons to remove a tree

Why Choose Cody’s Tree Service to Remove a Tree?

If you’re shopping around for the best deal you should know now that we are not the cheapest company for tree removal. There are many unlicensed and uninsured “tree service companies” cheaper than us that are operating illegally. These door knockers are putting your family’s safety at risk and making you financially vulnerable to property damage and workers’ injuries. However, we’re the most experienced and we’re bonded, insured, carry workers’ compensation, and are Certified ISA Arborists. Plus, we offer financing for jobs over $500. You won’t find another tree company in the area with those credentials! That’s why you can trust Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. to take down trees at your property or home in Katy, Fulshear, and East Bernard, Texas.


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