Tree Mulching & Soil Treatment Service

Proper mulching is so important for tree health. The Texas Gulf Coast endures brutal winters and summers, so the placement, quality, and treatment of the soil should be a high priority. A properly mulched tree will not require fertilizer service as frequently as one with bare soil below its canopy. We fertilize trees that need nourishment and can then apply high quality mulch around for maximum cold hardiness, drought resistance, and nutrient retention. Contact Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. to request a quote for tree mulching or to treat the soil around your trees in Katy, Pattison, or Fulshear, Texas. Want to speak with a member of our team now? Call (281) 391-3450 to get in touch.

Improving Soil Condition with Treatment

Our tree service company can assess and test the soil around your trees and supplement the soil if any deficiencies are found. We recommend using a high quality, thick layer of organic mulch to keep the dirt around your trees nutrient rich.

However, the mulch should never touch the tree. In fact, there should be at least a one foot clearance around the tree trunk that is void of mulch to avoid mold growth and diseases like root rot.

Types of Mulch

Mulch can be made from a variety or combination of organic and inorganic materials including:

tree mulching and soil treatment
Improperly Mulched Tree

You can also treat the mulch with slow release fertilizer pellets before laying it around the tree canopy for long-term moisture retention and improved soil quality.

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We look forward to keeping your trees healthy with professional mulching and soil treatment services. Contact us to request a free quote.

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