Topsoil and Mulch for Sale

Looking for mineral-rich topsoil or aged hardwood garden mulch? We have mulch for sale in Katy, Texas. Our garden soil is high-quality, yet affordable. Contact us for pricing and to schedule pickup. We let our customers drive up to our property to shovel the mulch themselves and save money.

Cody's Tree Service Landscape Mulch Top Soil for Sale Katy

Our Aged Landscape Mulch

As arborists, we remove, prune, and grind thousands of trees and tree branches a year. Instead of dumping them in a landfill, we turn the hardwood limbs into firewood and age the wood chips to make black landscape mulch. Looking for black mulch? We’ve got you covered.

Hardwood Mulch

The main ingredient in our mulch gardening soil is hardwood chips that have been painstakingly broken down into tiny chips. Smaller chips allow just enough oxygen to permeate the decaying hardwood, turning it into mineral-rich soil best suited for gardening.

Pickup a Yard of Arborist Wood Chip Mulch

Contact us for pricing or to pick up a yard or two of our high-quality mulch for your family’s garden. We’ve been using it in our own family garden for decades, and it’s better than anything you’ll find in a plastic bag at the home improvement store.




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