Tree Doctors for Tree Disease Treatment in Katy, Fulshear & Richmond TX

Looking for a local tree doctor that can examine your tree and offer professional recommendations? Cody’s Tree Service has a team of tree doctors that can assess the health of your trees to determine if they can be treated or whether they should be cut down and removed. Our tree doctors provide tree disease treatment and evaluations in Katy, Fulshear, Hockley, and West Houston TX.

Contact Our Katy Tree Doctors

Noticing signs of tree disease like stunted growth, pest infestation, fungus, or an open tree wound? Contact us online to request a tree disease assessment from our professional tree experts and upload pictures of the seemingly sick tree. If you prefer, call (281) 391-3450 or text (281) 391-3450 to message our team.

Texas Tree Disease Treatment

Our tree doctors diagnose and treat various tree diseases that are common in Texas including but not limited to the following.

tree doctors tree disease treatment katy fulshear
Tree Doctors & Surgeons
  • Oak Wilt
  • Root Rot
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  • Annosum Root Disease
  • Foliar Veinal Necrosis (brown leaves)
  • Hypoxylan Canker
  • Ball Moss
  • Citrus Greening
  • Freeze Damage

Tree Disease Signs & Symptoms

Call our sick tree doctors if you notice any of the following signs of tree disease. Our professional tree disease experts have the knowledge, education, and experience needed to perform a tree health assessment and diagnosis. Our tree service company has 26 years of experience, in addition to having ISA certified arborists and licensed oak wilt specialists on staff to properly diagnose and treat tree diseases before it’s too late. In some cases, the tree might be in an advanced disease stage and the best thing to do to stop the spread of the disease to other trees is to cut it down and remove it.

But first, let’s go through the most common tree illnesses we see in the Texas Gulf Coast.

  • Foliar Veinal Necrosis (brown leaves)
  • Brown Thinning Leaves
  • Termite Infested Trees
  • Pest Infestation on Tree
  • Leaf Tip Burn
  • Lightning Struck Tree
  • Tree Injuries and Wounds
  • Patches of Missing Bark
  • Canopy Thinning

Tree Wounds & Injuries Treated

Our team of professional tree injury repair technicians can come out to your home, business, or property and assess the tree’s health. In some cases, a wound dressing is necessary while in others a deep root fertilizer or tree cables and stabilizing braces may be needed to nurse it back to health. Unfortunately, tree removal may be necessary in some cases.

  • Damaged Tree Trunk
  • Struck by Lightning
  • Limbs Falling Off
  • Freeze & Winter Burn
  • Tree Uprooted by Vehicle
  • Tree Trunk Split
  • Tree Trunk Hole
  • Bare Trunk without Bark
  • Tree Roots Cut Below or Above Ground
  • Too Many Limbs Removed
  • Storm Damage

Schedule a Tree Doctor Consultation in Katy & Fulshear

Contact Cody’s Tree Service to request a tree assessment with our tree disease specialists in Katy, Fulshear, Hockley, or Pattison, Texas. With 26 years of experience under our belts and several specialty tree treatment certifications, you can trust us to give you the correct diagnosis.

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