Tree Risk Assessment

We conduct tree risk assessments for people before building a home on their land, businesses, and property developers who want to develop on their property, land, or lot. Cody Geiman (ISA Arborist License # TX-3361A) earned the TRAQ credential and is an ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessment expert. A tree risk assessment report is then given to our customer detailing the tree’s size, health, and risk level on a scale of one to ten. We provide tree hazard assessments in Katy and Fulshear, Texas starting at $200. Call (281) 391-3450 or send us an email to schedule a tree assessment with Cody’s Tree Service today. We also offer financing for tree assessment and reporting jobs over $500.

Individual Tree Risk Assessment Rating

During the assessment, our tree technicians will carefully notate several details about each tree on the property including any previous tree failures, topography, tree health, whether a disease is present requiring treatment, tree wounds exist, foliage, and more.

A rating of 10 means the tree is healthy and does not pose any hazard to the property or future structures in its current condition.

1 to 3 Rating

If any tree on the property receives a rating below four we recommend removing the tree before building on the property.

5 to 8 Rating

A rating from five to eight means tree maintenance such as pruning, fertilizing, or another maintenance is highly recommended.

8 to 9 Rating

A risk level of eight or nice means the tree is mostly healthy and only minor care is recommended to ensure the tree does not pose a risk if a home is built nearby.

Many factors are taken into consideration, measured, and reported by tree risk assessors to give accurate information needed for our customers to make informed decisions regarding tree removal before building a home or other structure. As ISA Certified Arborists, we have a duty to save as many trees as safely possible. If treatment, bracing, or a root control system are recommended we will provide a fair estimate and time frame for completion.

Tree Risk Assessment ISA Certified TRAQ Qualification
ISA Certified TRAQ Tree Risk Assessment Expert (Cody Geiman ISA License #TX-3361A)

Tree Risk Assessment Checklist

The tree assessor will complete a basic tree risk assessment form detailing any attributes that may pose a risk to nearby land development on the property including:

  • Land Site Factors
  • Tree Health & Species
  • Load Factors
  • Tree Defects Affecting Failure Risk on the Crown, Branches, Trunk, or Roots
  • Risk Category
tree risk assessment katy fulshear


Mitigating Tree Risk

Our tree hazard assessors will complete an assessment for all of trees on the property, then offer recommendations to mitigate tree failure risk.  Each report will include an overall tree risk rating, overall residual risk rating, and indicate if an advanced assessment is needed. If interval inspections are needed they will also take note of that in the report. If you’re building a new home or developing the property where the trees are present, don’t forget to share the risk assessment report with the builder, general contractor, and other parties involved with the construction process if you want to save the trees that do not pose a risk.

Tree Risk FAQs

What’s the difference between tree risk and hazard?

Tree risk measures the likelihood that a tree will fail and damage nearby structures or injure people and animals. A tree’s hazard level indicates the likelihood that a tree branch or other part could fall and damage property or injure people.

How much does a tree risk assessment cost?

The price of a tree risk assessment and report varies depending on the number and size of the trees on the property but pricing starts at $200 but can easily cost thousands of dollars for acreage or large property assessments with many trees.

Why should I get a tree assessment?

A tree assessment report provides valuable information for people who want to build a home on their land if trees are present. The report details the risk level of each tree and offers specific recommendations regarding what maintenance is needed, if it does not pose a risk to future buildings and if tree removal is recommended for each specific tree.

Tree Risk Assessment in Katy or Fulshear TX

Contact Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. to request a tree risk assessment report in Fulshear or Katy, Texas. Our team of ISA Certified Arborists are trusted tree experts with 26 years of experience serving local customers like you. Whether you need a commercial tree assessment or residential before building a home we can help.

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