Underbrushing Katy Fulshear & Hockley

Underbrushing is the process of removing unwanted or invasive bushes, shrubs, and small trees, from property or acreage while preserving as many of the native trees as possible. Brush removal, aka underbrushing, is a much more ecologically friendly way to clear land without removing trees or surface soil. Clearing underbrush actually helps the surrounding trees by allowing them to receive the moisture and nutrients they need that were depleted with overgrown underbrush.

Contact Cody’s Tree Service or call (281) 391-3450 to request underbrushing service on your land, lease, or property. We’ve served the local community since 1994 and provide residential and commercial services in Katy, Fulshear, Pattison, and Hockley, Texas.

underbrushing brush removal katy

Benefits of Underbrushing vs. Land Clearing

  • Improves accessibility and on-site mobility
  • Makes Trees Healthier
  • Removes poisonous and invasive species
  • May Raise your property value
  • Makes the land more visible
  • Doesn’t deplete the natural soil or harm the environment
  • Better for the planet

Brush Clearing Before Developing Land

Underbrushing is a kinder alternative to land clearing that preserves native trees when possible but removes bushes, shrubs, and overgrown brush without stripping the land down to bare soil. While this is sometimes necessary for property developers or commercial building projects it’s best to preserve as much of the natural habitat as possible by underbrushing areas that don’t pose a threat.

If you want to build on your property but are not sure which trees are safe one of our arborists can come out and conduct a tree risk assessment to identify which trees you can keep and give you a quote for underbrushing. We also offer Arborist tree valuations to determine the retail value of each tree if you’re thinking of selling some.

Request a Quote for Underbrushing Service

Contact us to request underbrushing service in Katy, Hockley, Pattison, Cypress, West Houston, or Fulshear, Texas. We’ve served the local community since 1994 and are happy to help when you’re ready to build on your property or break ground on new developments.

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