Tree Cabling & Bracing

Looking for an arborist tree company to assess your trees? Cody’s Tree Service can come out to your home, property, or business and determine whether the tree(s) need cables, stakes, or braces to support them. We install tree support systems to stabilize wounded, young, or damaged trees in Katy and Fulshear, Texas.Need to have braces, stakes, or cables professionally installed to stabilize a tree on your property or in your front or backyard? Call Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. at (281) 391-3450 or fill out the form below to schedule a quote in Katy, Fulshear, Pattison, or Hockley, Texas.

Tree cabling and bracing are important to fortify young, wounded, or unstable trees. A series of pulleys, anchors, and straps provide structural reinforcement for branches with bad structures and certain types of trees like young palm trees that are very prone to falling over. Tree support braces can help branches maintain healthy structure so that branches don’t break or grow in directions that aren’t safe. Tree support cables hold the base and/or branches stationary, prolonging the tree’s life and discouraging tree failure.

Why Choose Cody’s Tree Service for Professional Tree Support Installation?

tree cabling and bracing suports

Cody’s Tree Service is owned by a licensed arborist with 26 years of experience caring for trees. If your tree is unable to maintain proper structure it may be susceptible to breakage. If you notice your tree starting to lean, and/or the roots are starting to rise up on one side you should call a professional tree company right away. These are signs of tree instability, possibly caused by erosion or poor tree placement.

Tree Cabling Support Types

Some of the most common types of tree support systems include stakes to anchor support cables, brace rods, stalks, and guys. Guying a tree helps prevent trees with weak root balls from tipping.

Other Signs of Tree Instability

  • Roots Visible on One side as if Leaning
  • Dead Tree Branches
  • Cracked Trunk with Burned areas Surrounding from Lightning
  • Tree Trunk has craters or large Cracks
  • Very Young Tree in Danger of Blowing Down with Moderate Wind
  • Chunks of Bark Missing or Completely Fell Off
  • Green or Greenish Gray Layer of Fungus Growing on Tree Trunk & Branches
  • Carpenter Ants Infestation and Damage from Burrowing
  • Branches are Touching the Ground
  • Young Tree in High Traffic Area


Schedule a Tree Support Consultation for Cabling & Bracing

Contact Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. online or call (281) 391-3450 to schedule a consultation and quote for cabling or bracing your trees. Our tree service experts will come out and assess the tree’s needs, then offer options to stabilize the trees with support systems if needed.

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