A dead tree can be a very dangerous thing. If the tree is in your yard, you have to worry about it falling over and hurting someone. That’s the worst-case scenario, but we’ll explain everything you need to know about dead tree removal so you can make the best call for your family’s safety. There should also be a concern that the tree or pieces of it can break off damaging your house or a vehicle parked in your driveway. That’s why it’s important to recognize trees that are dead to schedule their removal as soon as possible from a reputable tree care company like Cody’s Tree Service.

When you want the best arborist services from a real certified arborist, we’re here to help. We are proud local business owners, serving the local community since 1996. Let’s look at everything you need to know about dead trees and dead tree removal to make sure that all the trees on your property are healthy and thriving. Then we’ll show you what steps to take to ensure no dead trees pose a safety hazard.

What are the Signs of a Dead Tree that Should be Removed?

There are some signs that you can start to see with your trees that will indicate their health or lack of it. You should look for signs indicating a tree is dead because a dead tree is a safety hazard and should be removed. Signs a tree is no longer alive include but are not limited to:

  • It has many large branches that look brown and dehydrated. Test out a small branch by breaking it off. Small branches bend or snap in half easily
  • Its branches and bark are brittle and break right off
  • No leaves are attached and there is no new growth visible
  • The tree has not filled out or grown since before the last spring
  • The trunk of the tree has large pieces of bark peeling off it (indicating that it’s reaching the end of its life span)
  • The tree is lifting up out of the ground because it’s not healthy and stable anymore

If you notice any or all of these signs indicating a tree is dead or dying, it’s definitely time to call a tree company to have it removed before it becomes a safety hazard and damages people or property.

signs of a dead tree dangers and removal

What are the Most Common Causes of Tree Death?

Most trees die from the stress of weather events, diseases that are exclusive to trees, insect invasions, or problems in the soil surrounding the tree, like erosion or compaction. Plus, different types of trees have varying life spans, so it’s something that’s a natural part of the tree’s existence.

How Can You Tell if a Tree is Still Alive?

Another way to tell on smaller trees is by scratching off a piece of the bark. If it’s green underneath, it’s still alive. Then you want to look at the roots of the tree to see if they are firmly rooted underground and the tree looks stable and grounded. If the tree has any new growth but some dead branches from a freeze, storm, or disease, you should call your local ISA certified arborist at Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. Our expert tree doctors can assess the health of your tree and let you know if it can be saved and how.

What Problems and Safety Hazards are Caused by Dead Trees? 

The biggest problems and potential safety hazards that dead trees may cause homeowners are:

  • Injury from falling branches
  • Property damage from broken or brittle branches
  • Dead trees can fall onto homes during storms causing severe damage and injury
  • Dead trees can catch on fire easily if struck by lightning
  • Dead trees attract termites and other wood-eating creatures you don’t want near your home

Dead limbs of the tree with large branches can obviously fall off and hurt anyone in the vicinity. This is especially a problem if the tree is in an area where your children play or you routinely hang out with family or friends. Clearly preventing these types of hazards is your top priority.

Another reason dead trees can be problematic is their branches can become projectile objects during storms. The whole tree could be uprooted during a hurricane or tropical storm with strong winds if the tree is unstable.

Like all trees, dead trees can attract lightning. However, dead trees do not contain the moisture within their branches like living trees so they can easily catch on fire if struck by a bolt of lightning. If your tree is dead or dry and branches are dangling dangerously, you need to get it cut down before you need emergency tree service.

You don’t want the tree to completely collapse and damage your house or even your neighbor’s property around you. It’s just safer to make sure that a dead tree is removed as soon as possible.

What is the Professional Tree Removal Process?

Our tree removal service varies depending on the condition of the tree, proximity to homes or buildings, type of tree, and other variables but our process is still much the same.

First, we clear the area to make sure the tree can lay down without disturbing anything or determine a process to dismantle the tree in segments to fit the available space. Sometimes with taller trees or trees with very large branches, we have to climb up the tree to cut down larger branches first. Next, we cut down the trunk and remove the entire tree while doing our best to preserve the surrounding plants and trees from harm.

We get rid of stumps, as well, with our special stump grinding service. The last thing you want is a dead stump in your yard that looks unsightly and can be a tripping hazard.

You may even request that we chop your hardwood tree into firewood for an additional cost (or you can buy cords of local firewood from us).

What is a Professional Tree Health Diagnosis?

When you call Cody’s Tree Service, we are happy to come out to make the determination on whether or not a tree needs to be removed. If we determine that the tree has to go, that’s when we get to work. It’s our “Safe Cutdown Tree Service” for residential and commercial properties. We use specialized equipment to remove any size tree safely.

How Much Does Dead Tree Removal Cost?

The cost to remove a dead tree varies tremendously based on many variables but on average you can expect to pay about $200 to have a small dead tree removed. Expect a lot higher quote at $2000+ for a professional, licensed, insured arborist to remove large oak trees or hardwoods with large branches safely. Request a quote here.

Call on Cody’s Tree Service for Expert Service 

We are your local tree specialist company, owned and operated by ISA Licensed Arborist in Katy, Texas. Our professional tree services include a variety of maintenance, nutrient feeding, fertilizing, and seasonal care programs. If you need a tree health analysis at your property or home we are happy to come out and provide a consultation and free estimate. Contact us today.