Caring for trees comes naturally to an arborist, but most other people have to scour the web to find out why their trees aren’t growing properly or the reason they look sick. Read our tips below for healthy trees with lush foliage.Tree Care Tips for Healthy Texas Trees

  1. Don’t put mulch too high around the base of your tree. If you notice green growth on the trunk of the tree and branches and you have a lot of mulch around the base, uncover the bottom of the trunk by removing the mulch around it. Try to keep the mulch at least 5 to 6 inches away from the tree’s trunk, and no more than 3 inches deep.
  2. Don’t prune your trees in the summer. If there are dead or hanging branches on the tree it is okay to remove them and yes, it’s okay to make a few small cuts. Just don’t make any major trims or cut off large branches because next year your tree won’t look as full. Definitely don’t prune oak trees in the summer because it will increase the chance of oak wilt, a disease that can kill the tree. You can prune birch,
  3. July is the time to remove the dead wood from freeze-damaged trees in Texas. Prune the trees by removing the dead wood up to the part that is alive. If you are removing an entire dead tree branch, prune it flush with the trunk.

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